Task Force for Same-Sex Civil Marriage,

Civil Union, and Domestic Partnership



The Task Force is the sole responsibility and under the direction of

Gay & Lesbian Political Action and Support Groups.

We seek to achieve this goal through grassroots organizing, public education and political action.


The mission of the Task Force was originally to defeat anti-same-sex marriage legislative bills A.2193 and S.1376. After a few months, we realized that our efforts would be essential on a continuing basis regardless of what happened to A.2193 and S.1376 so the name was changed to the TASK FORCE for SAME-SEX MARRIAGE.

This plan was fortuitous since after many years of pending bills beginning with the 1996-1997 legislative session, anti-same-sex marriage legislation is once again reintroduced as A.460 with the current New Jersey legislative session. These bills are designed to amend New Jersey law regarding marriage by adding, "Persons of the same sex shall not marry." They further state that such marriages "solemnized in any other country, state or territory… would be prohibited and declared void in this State..."

The bills include a section stating, "Marriage between persons of the same sex is against public policy of the State of New Jersey."

The current case involving several same-sex couples challenging the State of New Jersey for the right to obtain a marriage license is in its early stages in court. The outcome of the lawsuit is unknown as the case may take several years before a final decision is rendered. Of course, all sides are questioning the impact of the case on same-sex civil marriage and domestic partnership benefits.

If you would like to help with this effort in support of Same-Sex Civil Marriage, you can find a petition with a growing list of individuals and organizations signing statements of support and authorizing the use of their names in the effort.

The New Jersey legislative bills referred to here can be obtained through the New Jersey Legislature by entering the bill number and legislative session seen above.


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